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Burst pipes. Not something that I thought I would be worrying about. We weren’t the only ones that this happened to. We called around and most places were booked out several weeks. We found a local guy that would come out to the house in about a week. We took him up on that. The snow and ice was holding on for a while.… Read more

Hey again Its crazy to me that we are in 2024. That is still sinking in at this point. It makes me feel old (amongst other things). Its been cold outside. If you don’t believe me, check out the photo below of a small amount of snow that we recently got. For the past few months we have been looking at the value of… Read more

Happy New Years! How is everyone doing so far this year? Its been a fun start to the year. Started off with a bit of a panic attack, but I’ll get to that later. First up? Baby pictures. New Year, new baby. Here’s the little guy on the first of the year. Since we have some time off to bond with the little, we… Read more

Hey again, Half way through the month and almost done with the entire year. This year really blew by us. We wanted to make sure that we still got out and saw some Christmas lights, despite things feeling so hectic this year due to having a new baby to care for. We spent a few nights going to various places and a few with… Read more

Hey there, Last month of 2023, and then we will be in the year 2024. Amazing. Last day of this month is Dec 12, 2023, or 12,31,23 (123123).

Hey there It is crazy to think that I am officially off of work until next year. I’ll be taking FMLA during the first part of next year to help out and get things settled before returning to work. Speaking of returning, we returned to my parents and the kids. Luca (who initially was a bit hesitant when we talked about having a new… Read more

The day is here! November 22. My dad’s birthday, Maryia’s birthday, and now Ezra’s birthday too. Welcome to this crazy world, Ezra. Below is a photo of the hospital on that morning we arrived (already decked out for Christmas) and then a quick one of my fun bunny suit I got to wear once again. Then an introduction to the little guy! We took… Read more

hey again This year due to our odd schedule of having to work evenings and being forced to sacrifice our weekends, things have been off. We ended up doing our pumpkin carving after Halloween. These are the designs the kids helped to design and carve. Luca ended up falling asleep when we set them outside, so this was the best we could get from… Read more

hey there. Happy November. The leaves are changing, and we are getting into that cool/rainy time of year. It is one of the best times of the year. We took our trip to the Portland Japanese Garden and checked out the recently changed leaves. This year was a totally different experience from last year, yet we went at nearly the same time of year.… Read more

Hey there So, the last part of the month is upon us! I got some much-needed yard work done (pictured below) before my parents came to visit. The next day we went to a pumpkin patch. Arabella won a 25lb pumpkin thanks to hitting a target with an apple on a slingshot. Luca was hamming it up asking for pictures every moment he could.… Read more