2023 – June part 2

2023 – June part 2

hey again,

If you have been reading for any amount of time, or even know us, then you know we have a thing for waterfalls. We decided to take a trip (a good 60-mile trip) to go see these falls. They were on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. Panther Creek Falls! Check out the photos below:

These are some of the prettiest falls that we have seen. They definitely rank up near the top. The kids liked the hike (and yes, this was an actual hike) but nothing too difficult, and I’d say this was on the easy side of the ones we have done.

We baked a cake to make an announcement to Grammy and Grampy. and then we were able to enjoy an ever-so-rare few days of RAIN in JUNE!! Yeah, it seems crazy. I absolutely love the rain, and cooler weather in general. The temps in the 80s or higher are just too hot for my liking. We were able to open the windows and let the outside air in.

What else?

Hmm, Elijah went to Grammy and Grampy’s house until the 4th of July weekend. He has never had the chance to do so. He was through the moon. Above is a photo of them driving off to Sacramento in the white Prius. Finally, I got the wifey behind the wheel (after we washed her). We will be selling this car shortly as we will be getting a bigger vehicle — likely a Mini-van. We are thinking of the Chrysler Pacifica due to the fact that it has an option of a plug-in hybrid. Hopefully, we won’t have to give up much on our 40+ MPGs.

Afterward, we were able to watch some Basketball news with the NBA draft pick. There was some clown wearing a “Trade Dame” jersey. Get that joker off the air. Ugh. They ended up selecting a kid named Scoot Henderson with the #3 pick.

What should the Blazers do? I’m not sure. If they trade Dame, get the world in return. If they keep him then give him what he wants so that he remains a Blazer for life. Worst case scenario? They keep him, don’t improve the team and he leaves next time he is a free agent and we get nothing in return.

just Pray

note: this post was published on 06/30/23 but moved the publish date back to the middle of June to keep chronological order.


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