2023 – August part 2

2023 – August part 2

Hey again,

As mentioned in the previous post, our car had a message come up. That meant we needed to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. Turns out it needs a new transmission (which apparently includes some of the hybrid components). The ETA for this to be completed is (according to them) at least a month. They had no rentals available at the dealer for us and also did not have any loaners.

So what do we do? We rented a car for the month. We have little option.. otherwise, we have no way to get anywhere. We took the MAX to the airport. Halfway there we found out that they were doing repairs on the line so we had to take a bus for the 2nd half of the trip. I haven’t been on a city bus since, probably in London in 2017.

Speaking of London, I’d take the weather in the UK. At our house, we recorded 110 for the high. I think the “official” high at the airport was 107 or 108.

Here is a picture of our rental. They gave us a free upgrade at the airport due to the size of our family. We ended up with a 2024 BMW X5. It’s a nice vehicle… I can see why people shell out some much money to have them.

The next day, since my parents were visiting my wife and I got away for a night (see the view from our room above). We stayed at the Bidwell. It was nice but not nearly as nice as The Nines. We went out to dinner and had some steak at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Thanks to my parents for picking up the tab. The food was amazing (like every other time we have been).

Rounding out the month, we got some new shades that help to block the light a little better (since working nights causes you to sleep in more than when the sun rises). Finally, on the evening of the 31st, we were treated to some beautiful weather. Light mist and temps in the 60s. Chicken soup for the soul.

just Pray

note: this post was published on 09/07/23 but moved the publish date back to the end of August to keep chronological order.


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