2023 – September Part I

2023 – September Part I

Hey everyone,

We started off September (and meteorological fall) by going to the apple farm on the west side of town. It takes a bit to get to our location, but it’s worth it every time. We picked up some McIntosh apples to make a pie and just to eat as well.

We also got their happy hour deal. A cold drink of apple cider accompanied by some warm apple cider donuts. Yummy.

After we went to the farm, we decided to keep going west. Heading all the way out to the coast.

It has been a LONG time since we had some Bowpicker fish and chips. Since we happened to be nearby, we stopped to eat. Then we spent the rest of the evening at the beach letting the kids run around and go crazy.

We took another trip a few days later to go storm chasing. Yeah.. it actually was stormy outside. Thunder and lightning were the main show, but following that was a huge downpour that we caught up with and let the kids go to town splashing and dancing and jumping in the rain.

The next day we took a trip to Boot Barn! That’s a place I never thought I’d step foot in. Anyway, we were checking out places to see what western gear we could get. There was nothing even halfway affordable in the entire store. We left about as quickly as we could read those price tags.

Why would we want Western wear?! The kids have been into Back to the Future, a lot lately. Anyway, we found out that next weekend they will be having a back-to-1885 event (part III of the movie where they go to the Wild West) in Northern California. We were checking to see if we could find anything, but we didn’t so we will have to check Amazon instead.

Finally, something that has been years overdue, is shelving in our garage. Yes, it’s the little things that really help to bring things together. Having no shelving has been pretty terrible.. and now that we have it- we wonder how we survived so long without it.

See you in the future (or maybe in the past)!

just Pray

note: this post was published on 10/02/23 but moved the publish date back to the start of September to keep chronological order.


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