Back in Time… Back to 1885.

Back in Time… Back to 1885.

Hey everyone,

We are going back in time to 1885 for one day! Here is a photo of our trip down to Northern California. We took a trip and spent a total of one day before turning around and coming back home. Here is a photo of our trip across the timeline.

The last time we made a trip for any Back to the Future events was in 2015 when we took a trip to Universal Studios and other spots across southern California where they filmed the trilogy. We’ve never even ventured to see the sites where they filmed the Old West and this year that will change.

So we have NEVER done anything dress up where myself and Sky would participate. This time we decided to join in. We matched with the area. Above is a picture with the Undertaker (from BTTF III) Mr. Marvin J McIntyre. Pretty cool experience. We did photos with everyone being measured by him, and he even did some funny photos. Funny? yeah, like he was acting as if he would push one of us inside the casket and we struggled to get out.

The other photos are of the family next to the “Hill Valley Festival” banner, and below that is a photo with the kids (Elijah was dressed up as Marshall Strictland, Luca as “Mad Dog” Tannen, and Arabella as Clara) who took a photo with Doc, Clara, Marty and Mad Dog Tannen.

They even brought a Delorean out. This one was made to be as accurate as possible as the screen used DMC and was even signed by the likes of Christoper Lloyd, Michael J Fox, and others.

Luca didn’t want to go anywhere after he saw the car. They made donations by letting people sit in the car and take photos which benefitted the Fox Foundation and their pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s, so everything went to a good cause. We did the sitting in the car photos too… because we are nerds like that. The kids were thrilled.

They even had a clock tower which they had as a prop for people to take photos next to.

Again, we got everyone to do that but don’t want to bore you with the photos. Instead, you can look at the screen used photo of Doc and Marty, and then the photo we took while at the festival. Preeeeeetttyy cool if you ask me.

We even did some gold panning. Some people purchased tickets to do so and saw our kids in the outfits, and said “I think they would enjoy this more, here… we won’t use them!”

One of the coolest parts we didn’t have with photos or videos.

The kids were told that they should enter the costume contest. Here is how it went:

Arabella got up in front of everyone, and into the mic told people she was Clara, a schoolteacher. She was adorable, and a tad shy. Everyone was oo’ing and applauding her saying how perfectly she matched Clara.

Elijah got up (who is normally the most shy person) and spoke with a big booming voice: I’M MARSHALL STRICKLAND!

They asked: and do you always catch your guy!?

Elijah: YES!

The crowd erupted with laughter and applause.

Then Luca got up there (okay he fell asleep on me during this whole thing). So I brought him up and told them that he was “Mad Dog Tannen” and that we just got done robbing the Pine City stage. Lots of “Awwws” and I tried to get him to say “Butthead” which is one of his favorite things to do… but alas he was too sleepy.

Afterward, they awarded the winners.

Elijah won first place.

The judges then came over and saw that I was also the parent to Luca and Arabella. They said “Aww, we can’t have them go home empty handed can we!?” and gave them both Hot Wheels of the flying Delorean from part II.

Elijah won a larger car version as well as a bunch of stickers and some buttons. He was over the moon.

All in all, the kids REALLY enjoyed themselves. They also noted that they were surprised that everyone kept asking to take their photo. They couldn’t stop asking if we would come back next year and do it again. Will we? Time will tell. At that time, we will have another rug rat to bring along – but if they are consistent in their desire to do so, I think we could try and make it happen.

See you in the future!

just Pray

note: this post was published on 10/02/23 but moved the publish date back to the beginning of September to keep chronological order.


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